The following is a list of characters from Shelia Gremory's peerage.

Plot Edit

Introduced in Volume 1 as the Occult Research Club, the team originally had three members consisting of Shelia, Yui, and Tatsumi. At the end of Volume 1, the number in Shelia's peerage increased to a total of seven after the inclusion of Ayato, Eri, Diaochan and Horokeu.

After the events of Volume 4, the team battles against several, recently revived legendary beasts, that is until the arrival of Ashe Elizabeth Lucifer and Gilgamesh who beats close to fifty different beasts with ease, and abducts the revived, Cretan Bull. In the end they gain yet another member in the form of Rosa Belphegor as their second Knight, the daughter of Roygun Belphegor and Issei Hyoudou and a natural-born Holy Sword Wielder.

In Volume 6, the Gremory team were scheduled to go up against Maria Bael and her peerage; however, this did not happen due to the interference of the New Khaos Brigade and Pharus Beelzebub. Nevertheless, both the Gremory and Bael teams still battled against Pharus in order to rescue their kidnapped members, Eri.

In Volume 19, for the International Rating Game tournament the Nexus Cup, with Ayato, Eri, Diaochan and Rosa forming their own team, Shelia fills some of the newly vacant spots with Kurenai Himejima, Kirumi Van Helsing, Aluca Vladi, Quetzalcoatl, and Ewald Cristaldi.

Members Edit

As of the current volume of High School DxD: Artificiality, Shelia's Peerage consists of 8 members: one King, one Queen, one Bishop, two Knights, two Rooks, and one Pawn.

Shelia Gremory (King) Ayato Hyoudou (Queen, Mutation Piece)
Victini Gremory
The youngest child and second daughter of Millicas Gremory and the member of the House of Mammon, Vivian Mammon. Shelia is also the youngest female King of her generation and a master in the use of her lineage's signature Power of Destruction and Vulcan Pecunia abilities.
Ayato Hyoudou
Dubbed 'Oppai Eater' and 'The Hyoudou Sword Prodigy', Ayato is the male protagonist in High School DxD: Artificiality. He is a genetic clone of the deceased Issei Hyoudou created by Ajuka Beelzebub and Kurenai Himejima. He is the current host of the Sacred Gear Boosted Gear, one of the 13 Longinus, making him the living legacy of the previous Sekiryuutei and Ayato's Gene Progenitor, Issei Hyoudou.
Eri Ambrosius (Bishop, Mutation Piece) (Bishop)
Eri Ambrosius
The descendent of Merlin Ambrosius. She is named the 'Emrys Prodigy', due to her power and potential as a witch stronger then Merlin. She possesses the Sacred Gear, Atlas Witchcraft, which grants her incredible magical power and knowledge of all known types of magic.
Tsukime Tatsumi (Knight)

Rosa Belphegor (Knight)

The heir of the Tatsumi clan, and the possessor of the Sacred Beast, Hwang-Ryong, one of the children of the Yellow Dragon.
The daughter of Roygun Belphegor and Issei Hyoudou, and a natural-born Holy Sword wielder.
Diaochan (Rook) Horokeu (Rook)
The descendent Diaochan, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China from the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
The youngest child of an famous family of Dragon tamers, and the current possessor of one of the children of the clan's Sacred Beast, Kyurem.
Yui Orihime (Pawn x3) (Pawn)
A member of the Orihime Clan, and the current possessor of the clan's sacred beast Hyeonmu, one of the children of the Black Tortoise.

Trivia Edit

  • All three male members of Shelia's peerage possess Sacred Gears.
  • Currently, among the eight members of Rias' peerage, the four with Sacred Gears (Ayato, Eri, Horokeu, and Yui) were brought back from death or near death through reincarnation. While the other three (Tatsumi, Diaochan and Rosa) joined through their own volition.
  • Shelia's remaining Evil Pieces are a bishop, and five pawns.